A Thousand Suns – Linkin Park – Yes It Is Amazing. Just Pure Greatness.

I have been a Linkin Park fan since the very dawn of Linkin Park. I remember I heard them back in 2000, when I was only 6 years old. I had never heard such a brutal and amazing mix of music before. It was Hybrid Theory that was the changing point in how I viewed music.

Now let’s come into the present day. I have heard Linkin Park’s new album, A Thousand suns. It is just amazing. It speaks to me on so many levels. I remember following this album when the band first announced it. They said, this album would have been a concept album. I have gathered very little from this, but it would seem that A Thousand suns, and the album art, symbolizes the end? While I am truly unaware of what the album truly speaks about, what I have heard from this album, is an amazing mix of high end variation of music. Of Sounds. The lyrics sung and rapped in this album, it is truly great.

Steel unload / final blow
We the animals take control
Hear us now / clear and true
Wretches and kings we come for you

These are the words of the first chorus in Wretches and Kings. This song is quite amazing. I really like Brad’s part in this song. It speaks of fighting the machine, from what I have gathered.

The entire album flows smoothly into each song, just like previous albums. It give such a radical feel to the already impressive sound in the album. It bears many references within each lyric and allows you to interpret as you may.

Mike Shinoda

Image via Wikipedia

When the catalyst first came out, I viewed the catalyst as as representation of what the new album would have sounded like. Just like I always I am, I was wrong. The Catalyst was just a stepping stone, into an ocean of new and never before heard sounds. Mike Shinoda said in an interview, he wanted to have every single noise that the fans here, to be hand crafted.

Likewise with the song blackout, just brought an interesting vocal to this already amazing track. Once again the lyrics was in high level. Chester vocals are just amazing. Not only here, but on the entire album.

All in all, this album, is in my opinion this best album of 2010. This album shows just how Linkin Park has transcended the years. This album is like a culmination of everything. The guitars and the drums and the way everything is just put together is quite amazing. It is just drop-dead godlike!

Many ‘Fans’ around the internet have chosen to shun Linkin Park for this brilliant move. Have they not realized that just when you think, Linkin Park can’t trump their last effort, they just come back, and they come back even more amazing than ever before. With every passing album, the Band completely reworks what we once thought. If you ask me, that’s music, That’s Linkin Park. That is One Of The Most Amazing things I have ever heard, and don’t lie, you heard it too.


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