ThermalTake Armor A90 – The Next Generation Of Chassis – My Review

ThermalTake Logo

I recently bought a brilliant brand new spanking computer. Cost me quite a penny, but I love it like a baby loves milk? Anyways, a baby has nothing to do with this machine. I purchased a brand new motherboard etc. also I bought A ThermalTake Armor A90 case, I was captivated by its sheer design brilliance. Something I have never seen for a chassis in my entire life. So This was quite a shock. I immediately picked it up. (Wasn’t heavy) Best decision for a chassis.

ThermalTake A90 Side Angle View

So let’s get into all the technicallities. First let’s start with the company behind The Armor A90, ThermalTake. TermalTake was founded in 1999 in Taiwan, and it boasts the Golden Orb built for the Intel Pentium processors. They also expanded rapidly due to their brillant public relations across Euorpe. Then in 2004, the began the manufacture of The world’s very first Liquid cooling system (LCS).

The ThermalTake Armor A90 chassis boasts not only LCS ready hardware (actual LCS not included), but it also features 3 very powerful fans and access. Its bullet-proof black metal design, gives it a clean sheer look. It supports standard ATX and micro ATX boards. Measuring in at [502 (H) x 210(W) x 515 (L) mm] aka [19.8 (H) x 8.3 (W) x 20.3 (L) inch], it weighs 8.2 Kg. It has 4 USB 2.0 Ports, 1 e-Sata and HD Audio Ports. It stores 6 internal 3.25″ drive bays and 3 5.25″ drive bays.

ThermalTake Armor A90 - Air Flow Chart

The company has won countless awards for the ThermalTake Armor A90 chassis.

I have bought this Chassis about 3 weeks now, and it is killer. The magnetic drive protector in the front is awesome, it looks and and serves good purpose. Its clean and sleek design means that it can can fit in, either for work or play. Its a mid-tower so it isn’t too huge, but its defentily worth the money. Just remember 2 Intake fans and 2 outgoing fans.

All in all, this Chassis is worth the money and so are the others, I highly recommend you checking out to order up yours. And if the A90 doesn’t suit your fancy there’s a plethora of others just as epic, if not more EPIC!

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