Aquarion Evol – 24,000 Years Of Evolution!

Wings of Sun

So for those of you following me on my Twitter, you would’ve of seen me over these past few weeks dying on the inside from laughter because of this goddamn Anime. Having never seen the prequel of this, I was thoroughly confused. Although it was a good anime.

The story is set in the same universe as the original Genesis of Aquarion, and takes place twelve thousand years after. The protagonists live on a planet called Vega, while most of the antagonists originate from its “sister planet”, Altair. The main character, Amata Sora, a young man that has kept his ability to fly a secret since youth, meets a girl named Mikono Suzushiro, and they become fast friends. However, invaders from Altair begin large-scale attacks against Vega, forcing Amata and Mikono into a long battle for the planet as members of an organization called Neo-DEAVA. There they, along with other young men and women called Elements who also possess special powers, are recruited to pilot giant robots called Aquaria in the defense of Vega.

Amata, Caynne And Yunoha UnionLet’s start at the beginning, the beginning of this anime that is. Now I got this, because I was bored. And honestly I did expect much from it as I saw it had a Mecha. And I am a sucker for Mechas. Now the anime started off very mushy and rather slow, something that I don’t really care for, but as it turned out it played a huge part throughout the series.

Now I must praise the animation like most anime. Of course each anime has its own distinct style of animation, akin to the producers/directors etc. But the anime’s use of CGI for their Mecha’s wasn’t received well on my part. Though I loved the mecha and its abilities, CGI felt very out-of-place. Although I can image how hard it would’ve been to hand draw the Aquarion machines. But after about the first 5 or so, you forget all about the mecha.

Zessica Wong Union

The anime is very, very ecchi. I am not even kidding. There are tons of horrible puns, and bad views. Now hey, I’m a guy, and I love it, but still it was pretty overdone. Although I love Mix, (Trust me, you’ll love her too) the amount of bad puns she was given was ridiculous. I am aware of what the writers was going with this though, as the entire message of the anime is love and very serious character building. While some characters were built in about a few minutes, many characters were built over the course of the anime, and I aren’t even talking about the main characters. While I died laughing at all of the bad puns, the dialogue wasn’t that bad. I mean at times you wanted to gorge your ears out and eat them but other than that it was okay.

Mix 2Now the cast of characters is just like most anime. Nothing truly original. It could be because I have seen so many anime that I can pretty much identify what all the characters in general. Although it isn’t very clear who is who immediately and there are times were the things the main characters go through are taken to the next level. (It’s a spoiler so I won’t say too much.) The cast of characters is pretty funny, and they all interacted well (they should, it’s a goddamn anime). However, I like how the development of the characters were, as this anime focuses mainly on the characters themselves. The development was in-depth even when it didn’t mean too.

Aquarion GepardNow, this anime isn’t something for the causal Anime fan. I don’t think they would make it beyond the first few episodes, it took a while initially to get interesting, but after that it became so interesting that you  couldn’t put it down. Be wary of the inappropriate views, angles etc. Also there is a fair amount of skin, and nakedness although no type of genitalia is shown.

The anime was well done, well executed and well received. I would recommend this to my friends who are hardcore anime fans. Although if you like love stories. You’ll wanna watch this one.

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