All That Remains – A War You Cannot Win – An Album You Cannot Not Buy!!

All That RemainsSo, All That Remains huh. I have been following All That Remains since the “Fall Of Ideals” album, I always love their stuff, the guitar solos truly speak to me you know. Well the guys (and gal) have done it once more, with what is shaping up to be their best album to date! (Other than “Fall Of Ideals” Of course).

Jeanne SaganA War You Cannot Win is what I interpret to be a album about you know, war. Among other things of course. Now the band has truly gone back to their roots with this album. Although a lot of ATR fans would heavily disagree. However upon listening to songs such as “Six”, “Empty Inside” and “The Air That I Breathe”, anyone can plainly hear the influences and how they grew from “Fall of Ideals” to “A War You Cannot Win”. The Clean passages are found scattered in “Fall Of Ideals” whereas it is more prominent in the new album. Previously the clean passages were usually the choruses, while now the clean passages are the entire songs with the bridges being heavy. However this occurs for only some songs. The others retain the regular: “Heavy verse, clean chorus, Heavy Bridge”.

Mike MartinAs a fan of All That Remains, I commend the use of more clean passages. The way that it was used really reset the standard for ATR’s music. The heavy passages are shock value, for lack of a better word, but with still great meaning. I have always respected ATR for their use of lyrics, more so now, as the lyrics can be interpreted in many forms and fashions as it isn’t bluntly stated.

The Vocals

Like many bands, the vocals is usually the standard for setting the band apart from the main stream, or even the underground. However, ATR’s vocals, sung by Philip Labonte, is one of the defining points for ATR. The blending of Labonte’s Clean and Heavy vocals set their music apart.

With the new album, Labonte is heard more melodically than before. Some of the songs pretty much revolve around his newer clean vocals. Whilst his vocals hasn’t changed that much, I can’t help but hear that there is some more crispness of his voice on this record.

Again, the lyrics is always something to behold. Labonte really delivers his end of the bargain here. The lyrics can appeal to anyone really. There is very few people I see these lyrics appealing to. It can be applied to many different situations, whilst still maintaining its original meaning.

Phillip Labonte 2

Labonte’s Heavy vocals also makes many appearances throughout the album. Feeling as always. The heavy vocals are much more powerful than before and it still contains the raw ATR sound that previous albums contained.

The Guitars
Since I am a guitar junkie, this is all I love really. This is how I decide I like bands. The guitars of ATR have always interest me, they always mange to do something a little bit extra. Previously ATR made alot of use of the chugging effect of the top open strings. Now whilst still there has taken backseat as a more melodic tone over throws the song.

Oli HerbertThe guitars, primarily done by Oli Herbert and Mike Martin, really sets off the songs to a brilliant start. They also made more use of acoustic guitars. In some cases they combined both acoustic and electric guitars. The melody produced by the guitars is really well done, and send chills down your spines.

The guitar solos, whilst not as numerous, is there. The guitar solos just rock your world. There are alot of techniques being used, varying scales intertwining and such. All in all the guitar solos bring the songs to life, with that same driving force behind it that we have all grown to love.

My Review:

Buy it. Watch It On YouTube. Just Support them.

The album is brilliant, the guitars, vocals, everything. This is really a Metal Album to remember. So Go Check it out.

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