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Heart Of The Swarm Characters: Sarah Kerrigan

For those of you who have been following me on my Twitter, you all would know that I am a big StarCraft fan. So much, that I have been playing trying to get on the Pro Circuit. However, that is besides the point right now. A couple days ago Blizzard Entertainment anncounced the release date of Heart Of The Swarm.

Now I cannot do a review of this game, because not only have I not pre-ordered it, but I have not been invited into the Beta. So That’s a fail on my part. So what would this article be about? You mean apart from my necessary Fanboying?

This article will be going and looking at all of the features of the new Heart Of The Swarm expansion pack.  Well at least those that I have manged to keep up with. Prior to Blizzard announcement, they were patching the game insanely every week. So now that has settled down a bit, I will attempt to do a nice little preview for Hazard Readers. (Yes That Is What I am Calling You All Now, welcome :D)

So For those of you all who have been following the StarCraft II scene, you all would know a great deal of this, so you all can just skip to my opinion.

Let’s start with the interface. The new Heart Of The Swarm interface is much different from the current Wings Of Liberty. It looks alot cooler. The whole aesthetic of the intro screen has changed. And to me it looks pretty good. I can’t say i hate it, cause I love it.

The New Units:

There is a lot of new units for each of the new races. For the Terrans, you have the Widow mines, Hellbat and upgrades to the Reaper. Now this I like. I like that they brought back a homage to the FireBat from StarCraft. The widow mines, I don’t really like it. I really hate them. I can tell its going to be really tough to play against it. So while its a good unit, its going to take some pretty sick micro to not die to those things. I also like the upgrades to the Reaper. The ability to to regenerate health and see above clips is pretty interesting.

For the Protoss, they got some pretty sick stuff. From the versatile Mothership Core to the new Capital ship, the Tempest which is a long range siege unit which can attack both air and ground. The Oracle is another flyer with different spells to use. The Oracle from what I have seen is really annoying. But you gotta make use of it. The Tempest is a very powerful unit, and it is a key component of the Protoss late game. The Mothership game serves as a early game harass and defense unit.

For the Zerg, they got a couple of hardcore units. That’s the only way I could describe it, and yes I play Zerg so my opions here are a bit biased. You Have been forewarned.

So For zerg, they got the Viper, a spell-caster, the SwarmHost, a short ranged-infinite spawn siege unit and the various upgrades to the Ultralisk with Burrow Charge.

The Viper and the Swarmhost are mid-early-late game units, whilst the Swarmhost can be used throughout. The end result of the Infestor-Broodlord pretty much still holds here.

I think the Viper is a nice addition, it fills the battlefield as Spell-caster role, and before you think that the Infestor will be replaced, probably not, because come on the Infestor is damn awesome.

The Swarmhost is a short ranged siege unit that in large numbers can do a massive amount of damage for nothing. Literally nothing. So there would be that. The Swarmhost operates on the concept of energy units. So its a good unit to play around with.

The Hydralisk also makes a comeback in Heart Of The Swarm, Blizzard has added an upgrade to the Hydralisk that makes them extremely fast off of creep. So expect to see alot of them now.

So there you have it. That’s a little run down of the Heart Of The Swarm expansion, that I have gathered watching all of the matches online. I look forward to the expansion when it comes out March 13th, 2012.

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