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For quite sometime I have been using this music provider, primarily because it is free and because it is actually available in my country (Thanks VEVO), plus the quality is awesome.

GrooveShark is basically a music streaming site, which allows you to stream as much music as you want for free from your desktop. You can select from millions of songs already, followed by your own music, if you are a musician. This is truly pretty awesome and can help aspiring musicians get their music out there.

GrooveShark has also been partnering with other companies to help up and coming Music acts to promote and generate revenue from their music.

Sam Tarantino

Sam Tarantino

I always knew there was a team of people behind GrooveShark, like there always is. However, I recently read the Mashable article about GrooveShark . I had expected that the CEO of GrooveShark (Sam Tarantino)  to be having a fun time, because I hadn’t previous heard GrooveShark fighting any legal battles, nor had their site went down at any point, that I can remember. Boy, was I wrong.

During that period, the music streaming service was essentially hit with back-to-back-to-back blows. Google pulled Grooveshark’s mobile app in early 2011, after Apple had done the same the previous year, effectively snuffing out its potential on mobile. Spotify launched in the U.S. in July, 2011 with the blessing of the major record labels and started stealing away Grooveshark’s users. And then came the knockout blow: Universal Music Group filed a federal lawsuit against Tarantino and his employees for uploading copyrighted songs. Sony Music and Warner Music Group joined the lawsuit the following month and EMI filed a lawsuit of its own in early January, meaning that all four major record labels were simultaneously suing the company.

Honestly, I have never payed much attention to the business and legal side of GrooveShark.  GrooveShark has continued to offer their services for millions of users across the globe during this time, despite all these lawsuits. I could’ve sworn that they wouldn’t have survived. But surely they still exist.

GrooveShark has been making waves with its newer features, and their user base is continue to expand back to where they once where. GrooveShark is definitely making a comeback in 2013.

GrooveShark recently redesigned their site, and I must say it was quite a nice surprise. They also added in support for users to create their own mini radio station inside of GrooveShark. This feature is something I have been doing, using other sites. It is nice to know I now can do this using effective methods with High Quality music and a higher level of social interactivity.

In addition to all of these redesigns and new features, with GrooveShark’s attention to details and customers. It would seem that all other streaming sites may have to watch out. Sam Tarantino believes GrooveShark’s Radio BroadCast feature can compete with Pandora.

The Haphazard's GrooveShark

Considering Pandora isn’t available in my country. I’d give my backing to GrooveShark.

GrooveShark ensures that users have the experience the company set out to create initially. For That GrooveShark, Thank You.

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Year In Review – Well My Year Anyways

New Years 2012 Wallpapers

So while all are busy with the New Years Prep, like you know, getting drunk and making stupid resolutions that we both know you ain’t gonna keep, I am busy with basically nothing. 🙂 Sounds fun doesn’t it? Well it ain’t. This year was quite a year, and I know you aren’t here to listen to me babble about random nonsense that have affected me in my life… oh wait 😀

But instead of talking about how much my year sucked or how much it was awesome, How about world events that you know, helped me be 🙂 For Starters.

Steve Jobs Died.

Steve Jobs With iPhoneSteve Jobs With iPadYeah, this dude was freaking epic and one hell of a bad ass visionary. Think You Can beat him? Fuck No. Don’t Dream Hater. But yeah, Apple is without one of its founding members, and basically the guy that started it all (Don’t Worry Steve Wozniak, you still awesome too, you after all are a part of apple.) I must say though, the passing of Steve Jobs was just way too traumatizing man. I mean he was awesome. He made some of the most epic technology on the planet, and he revolutionized industries (yes he did, Hello? iTunes.). He was awesome and deserves more than a thumbs up. I don’t Know how, but hey who knows.  Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

StarCraft II

Starcraft 2

Fucking awesome. Words Can’t begin to describe how epic this shit was. I mean come on. Have you seen this shit? Plus. The Bankroll for some these tournaments. StarCraft II was worth the 10 year wait. Well 11 in my case considering I had to upgrade my computer to play it. 🙂


Bleach Wallpaper - Ichigo VastoLordNot the household detergent. The anime. I finally got up to date about bleach and I must say, worth the like 100 GBs of Hard Disk space. Amazing production meets epic storyline meet awesome-ness. Bleach Started out epic and continues to be epic. Btw I like AMVs 😀 Looking forward to more FullBring-ing it in 2012.


All Disney Cartoon CharactersIt’s sad that I watch Disney. But its the only channel that, in the night, doesn’t show horror trailers. So yeah I pretty much know every single Disney person there….


Same thing as Disney. And besides its fun. 😀

New Computer & Laptop

Image representing AMD as depicted in CrunchBase

So I have been saving for the past year and I bought my computer early this year. Its pretty awesome. It does Music Production pretty well. It needs some more RAM and a better processor if I intend to pursue my 3D animations. This computer just ain’t cutting it. But luckily the mother board maxes out at 16 GB RAM, so I can slaughter that 3D-isms 😀 However it can only support AMD processors,and If I recall right it only supports a duo-core. Don’t quote me though, aren’t sure yet.

Personal Life

Still Non-existent. :/ Awkward.

Web Sites

I had to retire one of my long-standing web sites this year, it was quite heart retching. It was doing so well as well. It was getting close to 1000 unique hits per month. and epic achievement if You ask me. I however didn’t have the money to afford an upgrade. However I have found a new host that can accept a form of payment that I can provide. So keep a look out next year.


Music VectorI need new ones. Found some good bands. But I need to expand my horizon. I have, however been working on my music. You know the whole production thing. I think I’m doing much better than the previous year. But only time will tell won’t it? 🙂

In conclusion

See I told you I was boring didn’t I? Why did you read till here? (If You Did, thank you) At the very most, this year, like most people’s, wasn’t too bad nor was it too good. But tomorrow (and in some places in the world, in which case, today) is a new day, a new year, make your resolutions as you see fit, and you try your best to stay true to it. So my friends, I wish you all a good year ahead, Dream Big, Work Hard. As I wrote this I forgot a ton of things. So If I remember them, look out for another post like next…..year? Oh And New Years Wallpapers 🙂

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