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For quite sometime I have been using this music provider, primarily because it is free and because it is actually available in my country (Thanks VEVO), plus the quality is awesome.

GrooveShark is basically a music streaming site, which allows you to stream as much music as you want for free from your desktop. You can select from millions of songs already, followed by your own music, if you are a musician. This is truly pretty awesome and can help aspiring musicians get their music out there.

GrooveShark has also been partnering with other companies to help up and coming Music acts to promote and generate revenue from their music.

Sam Tarantino

Sam Tarantino

I always knew there was a team of people behind GrooveShark, like there always is. However, I recently read the Mashable article about GrooveShark . I had expected that the CEO of GrooveShark (Sam Tarantino)  to be having a fun time, because I hadn’t previous heard GrooveShark fighting any legal battles, nor had their site went down at any point, that I can remember. Boy, was I wrong.

During that period, the music streaming service was essentially hit with back-to-back-to-back blows. Google pulled Grooveshark’s mobile app in early 2011, after Apple had done the same the previous year, effectively snuffing out its potential on mobile. Spotify launched in the U.S. in July, 2011 with the blessing of the major record labels and started stealing away Grooveshark’s users. And then came the knockout blow: Universal Music Group filed a federal lawsuit against Tarantino and his employees for uploading copyrighted songs. Sony Music and Warner Music Group joined the lawsuit the following month and EMI filed a lawsuit of its own in early January, meaning that all four major record labels were simultaneously suing the company.

Honestly, I have never payed much attention to the business and legal side of GrooveShark.  GrooveShark has continued to offer their services for millions of users across the globe during this time, despite all these lawsuits. I could’ve sworn that they wouldn’t have survived. But surely they still exist.

GrooveShark has been making waves with its newer features, and their user base is continue to expand back to where they once where. GrooveShark is definitely making a comeback in 2013.

GrooveShark recently redesigned their site, and I must say it was quite a nice surprise. They also added in support for users to create their own mini radio station inside of GrooveShark. This feature is something I have been doing, using other sites. It is nice to know I now can do this using effective methods with High Quality music and a higher level of social interactivity.

In addition to all of these redesigns and new features, with GrooveShark’s attention to details and customers. It would seem that all other streaming sites may have to watch out. Sam Tarantino believes GrooveShark’s Radio BroadCast feature can compete with Pandora.

The Haphazard's GrooveShark

Considering Pandora isn’t available in my country. I’d give my backing to GrooveShark.

GrooveShark ensures that users have the experience the company set out to create initially. For That GrooveShark, Thank You.

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Bastion Wallpaper 1

[Review] Bastion – Amazing Can’t Begin To Describe This!!

Bastion Characters
For those of you all who realized that I have been awol this past couple weeks, guess what I got? Oh yeah, Bastion, and dude, you’d be awol too.

Bastion is an action role-playing video game produced by independent developer Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In the game, the player controls “the Kid” as he moves through floating, fantasy-themed environments and fights enemies of various types. It features a dynamic voiceover from a narrator, and is presented as a two-dimensional game with an isometriccamera and a hand-painted, colorful art style. Bastions‘s story follows the Kid as he collects special shards of rock to power a structure, the Bastion, in the wake of an apocalyptic Calamity.

Bastion Screenshot: Gameplay 6Now I first played this game on the Google Web Store for Chrome thing. I played the free trial and I feel in love with this game. I honestly never been so surprised for a game before (well yeah, but this was a whole different story), this game really sets the bar for independent games. Yeah, you heard me, INDEPENDENT. This game didn’t have the big budget (well big as in GoW and GTA and stuff) and it of course came from an unknown developer Supergiant Games. Although Supergiant Games had the expertise of former Electronic Arts employees. The game has won many awards and stood as a top contender for the Independent Game Festival Award.

Bastion Screenshot: Gameplay 2Honestly I have never been so amazed at an independent game. I mean it makes sense considering the development team was previously employed at EA Games. Still, the game is truly easy on the eyes and is very easy to get lost in. The game features brilliantly hand-drawn animation that is a kind break from the normal 3D environments you typically see. The Game features an isometric view, with the very ground on which you walk flying up from the ground beneath you. The graphics of the game is very fluid and stutters no where, the graphics of everything is amazing, and it is quality is to die for.

Bastion Screenshot: Gameplay 1The gameplay of the game is incredible. I have seen a system like this in past games, although the very system itself ties in with the main plot of the story and makes it become part of the game, quite literally. You can only carry two weapons at a time, and it is controlled with the Right Mouse Button and the Left Mouse Button. You also have access to a special move (one at a time) which requires the use of black tonics. You can only carry a certain amount at a time.

A very unique feature of the game is the narration, a narrator gives comments as you progress through each level and give you information that reflects your actions, whether you are low on health been there before, or how you are with weapons, the narrator also provides plot information as you progress. The narrator is extremely dynamic and changes to match whatever is going on in the screen.

Bastion Screenshot: Gameplay 8

This Music. This guy needs to win a Grammy. Honestly. I have never heard a better composition of musical tracks for a videogame in my life! (Can’t Count Final Fantasy And Square Enix, they are just epic) I must say the quality of this music is truly something, and in fact the music makes the game so much better, the music gives life to every single level you pass through. I must say it is truly remarkable.

Honestly I can’t really find a problem with this game, the music is amazing, the gameplay is addictive and the plot is pretty interesting. You gotta pick this up. That’s All I can say.

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