Introducing: Terracide – Metal With A Twist!? – Free Primordium EP Download

For those of you all who have realized by now, I like heavy music, I like pop too, but I like heavy music as well. So I am always on the hunt for some pretty badass music to rock out to. It just so happens that one of the musicians I am subscribed to on YouTube, decided that he would like to rock the world, with a badass metal band. Yeah, and guess what? He does it pretty badass.

Terracide - Daniel Tidwell - Vocals/Guitar

Terracide – Daniel Tidwell – Vocals/Guitar

For those of you all who don’t know, Mr. Daniel Tidwell (metaldaniel03), is a guitar musician. He performs original music as well as doing remixes of some many Video game classics such as the Casltevania  sound track, MegaMan stage tracks and much more. He also did many metal remixes of classical Pieces such as Fur Elise, just to name one.

As of now, Mr. Daniel Tidwell (metaldaniel03), is currently pursuing a band type structure rather than a solo type structure, his band as of now, is Terracide. And I quote:

Terracide is an assault of aggressive grandiose melodic metal. An aural feast of energy and emotion. Terracide has arrived. And we come bearing gifts for your auditory systems.

That would be the description of Mr. Tidwell’s band. After listening to the currently released for free, (ACT NOW PEOPLE),  3-track EP, Primordium, I can safety say this is not an EP to go unnoticed. I have seen and heard many bands release and re-release EP (myself included), that was not the best, but Primordium, is absolutely brilliant. Produced by Mr. Tidwell himself.

Currently the band’s line up consist of Daniel Tidwell (Vocals/Guitar), Josh Winn (Guitar), Wayne Courtright (Bass) and Mike Lumer (Drums).

Terracide - Mike Lumer - Drums

Terracide – Mike Lumer – Drums

From listening to this EP (LINK), I can see a great amount of potential in the band themselves. The music flows nice, each instrument does not try to overpower each other, rather they compliment each other. The guitars possess this complex flow that, if you had been watching Mr. Tidwell’s YouTube channel, would noticed that it has since become something of a signature. Drums were excellent and pretty much the entire ensemble felt well in tune together, blending and meshing together quite well together.

Terracide - Josh Winn - Guitar

Terracide – Josh Winn – Guitar

When I listen to the tracks, I can hear some of the (death) metal or another sub genre of it. It is not a bad thing at all, as the clean vocals meshed very well with the harsh vocals, something many bands are unable to emulate. The vocals while harsh at times, isn’t unbearable as you would think. The harsh vocals has amazing melody once again complementing the entire piece. I’ve pointed out this, because many bands just have harsh vocals at one register (for lack of a better word) and are unable to carry it across, but not Terracide.

Terracide - Wayne Courtright - Bass

Terracide – Wayne Courtright – Bass

I believe this band can go places, and if you love heavy sounds or amazing guitar solos and playing, Terracide got the stuff. It would be in your best interest to give them some support. As this is pretty wicked stuff. You can check them out at here:


Terracide - Primordium EP

Terracide – Primordium EP

Black Tide – Post Mortem – Some Seriously Impressive Music

Black Tide - LogoOkay, so a couple days now, I have seen that Black Tide‘s new album Post Mortem is currently out. Now When I first heard these guys it was with the song Shockwave, from the first album Light From Above. Now when I heard the song, I was immediatly blown away, not literally of course. Come to think of it… yeah kinda was. But that’s not the point. The point is the song was above decent level, the guitars were pretty sick, the vocals were awesome, everything tied together quite nicely, and the song proved to be quite addictive. So you can imagine how shocked I was to find out the they were under the legal drinking age. Not only that, but the when the band first got together back in 2004, lead guitarist Gabriel Garcia was 11 years old and Alex Nuñez was just 13 years old, however Alex soon left, and was replaced.  Still though, for these guys to have been so young and playing that level of music was quite astonishing. Which brings me to Post Mortem. This would be Black Tide’s second album, following their first album, Light From Above.

Black Tide - PhotoshootBefore jumping into Post Mortem, for you know, a Post Mortem, let’s take a look at Light From Above. Light From Above was released on March 18th, 2008. The album was considered a success by many critics and eventually earned them the Kerrang! Award Best International Newcomer Award 2008. The Album was also very notable because the band was all under the age of 20, with the frontman, Gabriel Garcia being only 14 durning the writing and recording.

Black Tide - Light From Above Album CoverLight From Above saw the band releasing three singles from the album, Shockwave, Warriors of Time, and Shout, respectively. Shockwave is featured on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game Skate 2, the North American version of Guitar Hero: Modern Hits, and is also available as a downloadable song for the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 versions of Rock Band. Songs from the album was also available for Tap Tap Revenge 2.

To support the album the band played 341 concerts around the world with headlining shows, festival dates like Download Festival and Mayhem Festival. This began on July 2007 and ended on April 2011. They were also the opening acts for bands such as Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for My Valentine and Trivium.

Black Tide had a minor line-up change when Alex Nuñez left and was replaced by Austin Diaz. Regardless, Black Tide had no choice but to continue (I mean that dude was that import, Gabriel Is.), and thus they did. Their new line-up for Post Mortem, is currently, Gabriel Garcia (vocals and lead guitar), Austin Diaz (rhythm guitar and vocals), Zachary Sandler (bass and vocals), and Steven Spence (drums, percussion).

Black Tide - Post Mortem Album CoverBlack Tide was also graced with Bullet For My Valentine’s Vocalist Matt Tuck on their song, Ashes. The album, Post Mortem, was initally set for Feburary 2011, but was later pushed back to August, 23rd 2011. Three singles were released from the album thus far. Bury Me, Walking Dead Man and That Fire.

What more must I say about these kids? Well I can’t really call them kids. Just Call them Heavy Metal Rockers. Quite a good mix of music. Very addictive music, catchy melodies and quite brilliant Vocals. I can only suggest to you to pick up your copy of Post Mortem. I can see myself listening to it for quite a well. The solos are pretty rocking.

I can also say, that they are growing, their music is much better than their previous album, and considering Light From Above was amazing, guess what, there only going to get better.

Black Tide - New Line Up