Orphan Black – BBC America Has Struck Gold!

Orphan Black Screencap #4

For those of you who are following me on Twitter, well you wouldn’t have seen anything, because I didn’t actually tweet about it, but never the less. I’m sure by now, a lot of you must have heard about Orphan Black, one of the newest shows to hit airwaves via BBC America. Typically I don’t watch BBC America shows, I watch a lot of BBC shows, (Doctor Who), however I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard about this show. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect much. Boy was I wrong.

Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction television series that stars Tatiana Maslany as several identical women who are revealed to be clones. The series focuses on Sarah Manning, a woman who assumes the identity of her clone, Elizabeth Childs, after the latter commits suicide. The series raises issues about the moral and ethical implications of human cloning and its impact on issues of personal identity.

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Orphan Black - Sarah Poster

Orphan Black follows Sarah Manning, who upon returning to the city, discovers her identical clone, Elizabeth Beth Childs, as she commits suicide. She assumes Beth’s identity while she fakes her own death. However all is not peachy, as upon her assumption of Beth’s life, she discovers that she is not alone. There are many other clones across the world who are identical to her. The story progresses as we encounter more and more version of her, most notably Allison Hendrix (A soccer mom) and Cosima Niehaus (a biologist), in an attempt to discover the meaning behind her existence. However, even upon discovering their creators, the clones are still unsure of who to trust, as so many lies have been woven together that they no longer truly know what’s real. With their lives all falling apart and the continuous lies spat out by those they trust, the clones are still up in arms about what to do and who to trust.

Orphan Black - Alison Poster

Basically that’s the story, I left out a lot of other stuff that upon watching will clear up any questions that you may have. The show is by far one of the best shows I’ve ever seen to date. From the writing to the directing to the acting and the production crew, everything is pretty much top notch. I know many will find flaws, but after seeing what this entire cast and crew is capable of, I have no worries.

I’ll start off with the acting. Tatiana Maslay who plays Sarah Manning and all of her clones. Yeah you heard me, she plays all of her clones. There are no extras, other than stunt doubles, she plays ALL of her versions and she does so quite convincingly. Now I don’t mean just some carbon copy clones. Each one of the clones, has their own ticks, tricks and behavior (body language) as well as their accents, hair and makeup. I can tell it was quite a challenge for Tatiana Maslay, but she was outstanding. I couldn’t even imagine another actress doing what she does in this show. Honestly I don’t know how much more I can complement her, because she was really outstanding, and if you let me I’d continue to talk about her acting indefinitely.

Orphan Black Screencap #1

Another portion I must commend her on is when she is pretending to be her clones. If she is currently playing, say for example, Sarah and she has to pretend to be Allison, she is able to. However, she will not fully act as though she is Allison. In these scenes you can plainly tell who is who, and who is pretending to be who in the show. I know its quite mind boggling, but its true and its pretty bad ass.

Orphan Black Screencap #8

The rest of the cast is quite incredible as well, though she is pretty much the wickedest and coolest. They each compliment each others acting capability  and the interaction between them are quite impressive. You can feel the emotions that run thin throughout Sarah’s interaction with Mrs. S, Felix and Art. In addition the way each character gets into the roles is quite astounding, I’ll tell you this, it was amazing acting. Every character has their own story and they all pretty much truly become their roles.

The writers, directors and production team needs massive props for their work as well. I mean, when Sarah was fighting her clones it felt like two people fighting, the angles were right and you couldn’t tell if she actually cloned herself to do the show. It was that spectacular. The writers, they need some awards as well, well everybody needs awards in this show, because I couldn’t predict anything really in this show and I can usually predict a lot of shows.

This show blew a lot of the other shows out of the water and with good reason, it isn’t everyday that you manage to put together such brilliance, so brilliantly. The show constantly has you guessing, questioning the actions they take and questioning who to trust. The show really plays on your emotion and kills it truly.

Orphan Black Screencap #2

All in all, this is an amazing show, a really original show, with brilliant acting, excellent production, amazing directors and writers. All around this show delivers. Now all I can say to you, is to check it out! I Honestly can’t express how much of an amazing show this is. Seriously, check it out.

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Heart Of The Swarm Characters: Sarah Kerrigan

Top Games For 2013 – The Haphazard’s List For 2013 Games

Well for those of you all who have been following me on Twitter, you all would notice I started a Video game channel a little while back, called ShalWeGame. The channel will also feature an Original Web Series currently in pre-production as well as news and upcoming releases done on a weekly basis.

Please note, since this video is the first of many, it is still rather rough around the edges, please leave comments both here and on the video so I can improve.

Without further a due, here is the video.


And for those of you all too lazy to watch, please go over the list that follows.

  1. DMC – Devil May Cry – PS3, X360 – 15th Jan
  2. DMC – Devil May Cry – Win – 25th Jan
  3. Fire Emblem: Awakening – 3DS – 4th Feb
  4. Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 – PS3, X360 – 5th Feb
  5. Aliens: Colonial Marines – Win, PS3, X360, WiiU – 12th Feb
  6. Crysis 3 – Win, X360, PS3 – 19th Feb
  7. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus – PSVita – 26th Feb
  8. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate – 3DS – 5th March
  9. Simcity – Win, Mac – 5th March
  10. Tomb Raider – Win, Ps3, X360 – 5th March
  11. God Of War Ascension – Ps3 – 12th March
  12. StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm – Win, Mach – 12th March
  13. Dead or Alive 5 Plus – PsVita – 19th March
  14. Gears of War: Judgment – X360 – 19th March
  15. Resident Evil 6 – Win – 22nd March
  16. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity – 3DS – 24th March
  17. BioShock Infinite – PS3, X360, Win – 26th March
  18. Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin – Win, X360
StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Boxshot

StarCraft II – Heart Of The Swarm – Heart Of Mine!

Heart Of The Swarm Characters: Sarah Kerrigan

For those of you who have been following me on my Twitter, you all would know that I am a big StarCraft fan. So much, that I have been playing trying to get on the Pro Circuit. However, that is besides the point right now. A couple days ago Blizzard Entertainment anncounced the release date of Heart Of The Swarm.

Now I cannot do a review of this game, because not only have I not pre-ordered it, but I have not been invited into the Beta. So That’s a fail on my part. So what would this article be about? You mean apart from my necessary Fanboying?

This article will be going and looking at all of the features of the new Heart Of The Swarm expansion pack.  Well at least those that I have manged to keep up with. Prior to Blizzard announcement, they were patching the game insanely every week. So now that has settled down a bit, I will attempt to do a nice little preview for Hazard Readers. (Yes That Is What I am Calling You All Now, welcome :D)

So For those of you all who have been following the StarCraft II scene, you all would know a great deal of this, so you all can just skip to my opinion.

Let’s start with the interface. The new Heart Of The Swarm interface is much different from the current Wings Of Liberty. It looks alot cooler. The whole aesthetic of the intro screen has changed. And to me it looks pretty good. I can’t say i hate it, cause I love it.

The New Units:

There is a lot of new units for each of the new races. For the Terrans, you have the Widow mines, Hellbat and upgrades to the Reaper. Now this I like. I like that they brought back a homage to the FireBat from StarCraft. The widow mines, I don’t really like it. I really hate them. I can tell its going to be really tough to play against it. So while its a good unit, its going to take some pretty sick micro to not die to those things. I also like the upgrades to the Reaper. The ability to to regenerate health and see above clips is pretty interesting.

For the Protoss, they got some pretty sick stuff. From the versatile Mothership Core to the new Capital ship, the Tempest which is a long range siege unit which can attack both air and ground. The Oracle is another flyer with different spells to use. The Oracle from what I have seen is really annoying. But you gotta make use of it. The Tempest is a very powerful unit, and it is a key component of the Protoss late game. The Mothership game serves as a early game harass and defense unit.

For the Zerg, they got a couple of hardcore units. That’s the only way I could describe it, and yes I play Zerg so my opions here are a bit biased. You Have been forewarned.

So For zerg, they got the Viper, a spell-caster, the SwarmHost, a short ranged-infinite spawn siege unit and the various upgrades to the Ultralisk with Burrow Charge.

The Viper and the Swarmhost are mid-early-late game units, whilst the Swarmhost can be used throughout. The end result of the Infestor-Broodlord pretty much still holds here.

I think the Viper is a nice addition, it fills the battlefield as Spell-caster role, and before you think that the Infestor will be replaced, probably not, because come on the Infestor is damn awesome.

The Swarmhost is a short ranged siege unit that in large numbers can do a massive amount of damage for nothing. Literally nothing. So there would be that. The Swarmhost operates on the concept of energy units. So its a good unit to play around with.

The Hydralisk also makes a comeback in Heart Of The Swarm, Blizzard has added an upgrade to the Hydralisk that makes them extremely fast off of creep. So expect to see alot of them now.

So there you have it. That’s a little run down of the Heart Of The Swarm expansion, that I have gathered watching all of the matches online. I look forward to the expansion when it comes out March 13th, 2012.

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Aquarion EVOL

Aquarion Evol – 24,000 Years Of Evolution!

Wings of Sun

So for those of you following me on my Twitter, you would’ve of seen me over these past few weeks dying on the inside from laughter because of this goddamn Anime. Having never seen the prequel of this, I was thoroughly confused. Although it was a good anime.

The story is set in the same universe as the original Genesis of Aquarion, and takes place twelve thousand years after. The protagonists live on a planet called Vega, while most of the antagonists originate from its “sister planet”, Altair. The main character, Amata Sora, a young man that has kept his ability to fly a secret since youth, meets a girl named Mikono Suzushiro, and they become fast friends. However, invaders from Altair begin large-scale attacks against Vega, forcing Amata and Mikono into a long battle for the planet as members of an organization called Neo-DEAVA. There they, along with other young men and women called Elements who also possess special powers, are recruited to pilot giant robots called Aquaria in the defense of Vega.

Amata, Caynne And Yunoha UnionLet’s start at the beginning, the beginning of this anime that is. Now I got this, because I was bored. And honestly I did expect much from it as I saw it had a Mecha. And I am a sucker for Mechas. Now the anime started off very mushy and rather slow, something that I don’t really care for, but as it turned out it played a huge part throughout the series.

Now I must praise the animation like most anime. Of course each anime has its own distinct style of animation, akin to the producers/directors etc. But the anime’s use of CGI for their Mecha’s wasn’t received well on my part. Though I loved the mecha and its abilities, CGI felt very out-of-place. Although I can image how hard it would’ve been to hand draw the Aquarion machines. But after about the first 5 or so, you forget all about the mecha.

Zessica Wong Union

The anime is very, very ecchi. I am not even kidding. There are tons of horrible puns, and bad views. Now hey, I’m a guy, and I love it, but still it was pretty overdone. Although I love Mix, (Trust me, you’ll love her too) the amount of bad puns she was given was ridiculous. I am aware of what the writers was going with this though, as the entire message of the anime is love and very serious character building. While some characters were built in about a few minutes, many characters were built over the course of the anime, and I aren’t even talking about the main characters. While I died laughing at all of the bad puns, the dialogue wasn’t that bad. I mean at times you wanted to gorge your ears out and eat them but other than that it was okay.

Mix 2Now the cast of characters is just like most anime. Nothing truly original. It could be because I have seen so many anime that I can pretty much identify what all the characters in general. Although it isn’t very clear who is who immediately and there are times were the things the main characters go through are taken to the next level. (It’s a spoiler so I won’t say too much.) The cast of characters is pretty funny, and they all interacted well (they should, it’s a goddamn anime). However, I like how the development of the characters were, as this anime focuses mainly on the characters themselves. The development was in-depth even when it didn’t mean too.

Aquarion GepardNow, this anime isn’t something for the causal Anime fan. I don’t think they would make it beyond the first few episodes, it took a while initially to get interesting, but after that it became so interesting that you  couldn’t put it down. Be wary of the inappropriate views, angles etc. Also there is a fair amount of skin, and nakedness although no type of genitalia is shown.

The anime was well done, well executed and well received. I would recommend this to my friends who are hardcore anime fans. Although if you like love stories. You’ll wanna watch this one.

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